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Special Thanks



Thank you to our most favorite and beautiful Flower Girls!








Kendall, Kemper & Edyn Rodi

For your kindness and patience.

For exuding angelical innocence, and melting our hearts with each step you took.

We love you!



To our dear friends & new ones...


Thanks for all of your help, time and love.

And for making of our Wedding an unforgetable experience...  


Yansy Ovalle

Jasmine Casallas (Coordinadora de Eventos - Hospederia El Duruelo)

Rosita Sanoja

Luisa Ribas-Cadle

Miguel Angel Diaz

Maria Antonieta Diaz

Luis Alberto Mora

Juan Ma

Catalina Bayona (Brides Colombia)

Julie Bayona (White Photography)

Ivan Alonso Tejeda (Vidiva Styling)

Maria Claudia Londoño (Tartas & Tortas de la Villa)

Beatriz De Salamanca

Padre JoseArcesio Escobar De la orden de Carmelitas Descalzos

Doctor German Parra (Notaria Unica de Villa De Leyva) 

Don Luis Alberto Vega

Maria Fernanda Vega

Chef Javier Salamanca & Ayudantes

Grupo MusicalAguabajo




And to all of our friends and family

who traveled near and far to be with us

on our special day.






"The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. 

That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!"

- Fernando Pessoa

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